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World Energy Leaders' Summit to be held in India with the participation of the President of the GCE Group

Tomorrow, on 5 February, GCE Group President Alexander Moskalenko will reach New Delhi to attend the World Energy Leaders’ Summit.

Tomorrow there will be the opening ceremony of the World Energy Leaders’ Summit, which will be held on February 5 and 6, 2013 in Delhi, India. The organizer of this event is the «World Energy Council» (WEC), which is the largest international non-governmental organization on energy, established in 1923 on the initiative of the business community and the energy circle of Great Britain and a number of industrially developed countries of Europe and North America. Under the direction of the WEC, such meetings are organized in member countries of the World Energy Council twice a year.

This year India is hosting the Summit for the first time. The participants, including Shell, GDF SUEZ, Total, TEPCO, Hitachi, Siemens, and many others, will meet with the representatives of the Government of India, Thailand, Pakistan and Turkey, and exchange views with the global energy leaders.

The main topics for discussion are stated to be current issues in modern energy sector: trade and energy security, social equality and climate change, issues on financing and development of energy resources with low CO2 emissions, and also the potential of India as a regional energy hub. In 2011 GCE Group has established “GCE Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.”, which is a subsidiary of the GCE Group. Branches of the GCE Group are also opened in the countries of BRICS the EU. Therefore, Group President "GCE" Alexander Moskalenko’s participation in the World Energy Leaders’ Summit is of great importance for the company’s further global expansion.

Alexander Moskalenko President of GCE Group

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