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In Russia it is impossible to accelerate adoption of occupational safety laws

Bills are bound to go through a long review process.

In Russia it is impossible to accelerate adoption of occupational safety laws without prejudicing rights of employers, employees or the state. Vladimir Savinov spoke on this problem on Wednesday at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety in St. Petersburg.

«I believe that this process does take time. It is a matter that needs to be thoroughly reviewed. Whether we want it or not, there is only one way here — not to rush. Although, in Russia „no rush“ is often because nobody does anything», Savinov says.

On May 25, the State Duma proposed to ban employers from unreasonably holding their employees financially liable. The bill was initiated by Valeriy Rashkin who suggested amendments to Articles 242 and 243 of the Labor Code.

Source: Business News Agency

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