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Air will be cleaner in 2018

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia has adopted a new methodology for calculation of pollutants dispersion in the ambient atmosphere. The document is to come in force on January 1, 2018. The new methodology is based on OND-86 standard adopted on August 4, 1986.

First introduced by the State Committee on Hydrometeorology and Environment Control of the USSR, OND-86 remained the principal regulation for calculation of pollutants dispersion over the years.

The Government Order «On Approval of Methods for Calculation of Pollutants Dispersion in the Ambient Atmosphere» was developed to replace OND-86 standard. Sergey Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, who signed the new order, says that «the document is a key instrument in environment protection legislation presenting, in effect, the matrix for determining maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in the atmosphere and emissions thresholds».

The new methodology allows to determine short-term and long-term levels of air pollution and respective pollutants concentrations. The document also contains guidelines for dispersion calculation for those pollutants that were not covered in OND-86.

It is important to note that all documents developed in conformity with OND-86 and adopted before January 1, 2018 will remain effective until the respective expiry dates.

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