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Uniform technical regulations for the Custom Union will be developed during the Forum


May 29, 2014 - Work group which involves Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus Ministries for Emergency Situations is meeting to discuss new technical regulations for the Custom Union. In particular, the group will focus on “Requirements for fire safety and fire protection equipment” during XII Forum on Industrial Safety.

New technical regulations will provide standard requirements for fire safety ensuring, fire protection and individual protection equipment. By words of Grigory Voropaev, Deputy Head of Supervisory Activities Department (EMERCOM, Russia), the main target of these regulations is “creation of uniform technical policy and custom territory».

EMERCOM of Russia is in charge of the regulations designing. The main issue is to decide whether to apply standards existing in one of the Custom Union member-countries or create new ones.

Press conference will finalize XII Forum on Industrial Safety on May 30, 2014.Main ideologist and moderator of the event is Alexander Moskalenko, GCE Group President.

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