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Titan Group of Companies discusses energy strategy implementation

Titan’s Technical Council discussed interim results of Energy Conservation Program implementation by its subsidiaries. For instance, the company’s improvement efforts resulted in significant annual savings (more than 50 million rubles) gained by its Thermal Power Plant.

EnCon program was developed by GCE-energo (a member of GCE Group) after large-scale comprehensive energy audits conducted at industrial facilities of Omsky Kauchuk in 2013.

Mikhail Sutyaginskiy (Board Chairman, Titan Group), Valeriy Boyko (CEO, Titan Group), Nikolay Komarov (CEO, Omsky Kauchuk) and experts of financial and technical units of Titan Group participated in the meeting initiated by the Technical Council.

The Council focused on energy efficiency and process reliability improvement issues relevant to gas, water, electrical and thermal energy supply to industrial facilities and summarized results of power grids and Thermal Power Plant reconstruction. Alexander Usov (Deputy CEO, Titan Group) and Andrey Sagunov (Chief Power Engineer, Omsky Kauchuk) reported on EnCon program implementation results at the meeting.

Improvement activities carried out in 2015 included, inter alia, modernization of boiler automated control systems, reconstruction of gas treatment and supply systems and construction of a new Gas Distribution Station equipped with electronic operational control system. Options implemented at Thermal Power Plant reduced the emergency rate by more than 80% (frequency of emergency shutdowns reduced by five times in comparison with 2011) and save annually 50 million rubles.

Priority objectives in 2016-2018 are construction of standby fuel supply system for Thermal Power Plant, reconstruction of boiler automated control systems and other EnCon options implementation targeted to energy efficiency and reliability improvement. Moreover, it is planned to continue designing of Steam-Gas Unit-120 and construct the first stage of the Steam-Gas Unit (75 MW).

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