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The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation approved Energy Passport of OJSC «Kamchatskenergo»


The Ministry of Energy registered Energy Passport of main Kamchatka Region electrical energy supplier - OJSC Kamchatskenergo (RAO Energy System of East). Energy Passport was developed by GCE Group experts on the basis of carried out energy audit of Kamchatskenergo subsidiaries.

Main document providing detailed energy consumption patterns, losses amount and energy saving opportunities was developed after completed energy survey of three Kamchatskenergo subsidiaries. «Central Electrical Grids» were inspected in 2009. «Kamchatsky TPP» (heating networks of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, TPP-1, TPP-2) were audited during 2009-2012. «Kommunalnaya Energetika» (94 boiler houses, 662 km of heating networks) was inspected at the end of December 2012. GCE Group experts inform about Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky heating network testing procedures. Heat and hydraulic losses (insulation condition and actual heat networks capacity) will be identified after tests completion.

According to Vasilii Tarasovskii, GCE Group Director on Energy Efficiency, energy saving potential of Kamchatskenergo facilities is 87 tons of oil equivalent or 13% of overall energy resources consumption.

Recommended energy conservation measures include administrative actions, fuel and energy resources accounting system improvement, replacement of overage equipment, new energy saving technologies implementation and process schemes optimization.

We would like to note that energy audit ground is Federal Law#261-FZ «On energy conservation and energy efficiency advancement», dated 23 of November 2009, and The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Order #182 «On energy passport approval requirements by the results of obligatory energy audit completion», dated 19 of April 2010.

GCE Group is one of the global key players in energy efficiency consulting, independent of energy equipment manufacturers. GCE Group has prior experience working with all the types of energy: electric power, heat energy, steam, LNG, solar energy, etc. Among our clients are Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, "Gazprom", "Rosneft", RUSAL and other industrial leaders.

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