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Specialists from Italy, Korea, Poland, and the USA Share Their Experience in Preventing Man-Made Catastrophes
The VIII International Forum on Industrial Safety will be held in Saint Petersburg, May 24th-27th.  Organizers of the GCE Group promise presentations by several significant figures in the field of industrial safety assurance from Italy, Poland, South Korea, the USA, and Russia.  

The leader of the Council on Technical Oversight of Poland, Andrzej Kozak, Director of the Center for the Study of Seismic Activity of the National Research Laboratory of South Korea, Lan Chung, Lead Engineer of the State Institute of Italy in the field Safety and Health, Giorgio Mari, and the Chairman of the Division of Chemical Health and Safety of the American Chemical Society, Neal Langerman, are all coming to share their experiences with Russian manufacturers in the field of assuring industrial safety.  The main body of questions to be discussed at the VIII International Forum on Industrial Safety remains unchanged:  industrial accidents, their causes, and techniques for predicting and preventing man-made catastrophes.  Chairman of the organizing committee of the Forum, President of the GCE Group, Alexander Moskalenko, expresses the hope that representatives of the Russian authorities will, in 2010, show great interest in the event:  “While oversight authorities of nearby countries are more active, Russian bureaucrats are not prepared to meet with the community and talk directly about the problems of industrial safety in the country.  All of this is sad, especially in view of the fact that the regular participants in the Forum have amassed a great deal of questions for them.”

Among the Russian audience of chief engineers and technical directors of industrial enterprises, the main event at the Forum, without a doubt, will be the analysis of the causes of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Station (SShHES) in August of 2009.  A separate section of the event will be dedicated to this discussion, in which participants will hear the reports of representatives of RusHydro, oversight agencies, and experts.  Alexei Isakov, Research Science Director of the GCE Group, will present the conclusions of independent experts on the investigation into the causes of the accident at SShHES and the explosion of the gas pipeline on Ozernaya St. in Moscow.  

Another important panel of the Forum will be dedicated to safety in construction.  Professor Lan Chung of South Korea will tell how insignificant changes in a project lead to the horrible accident which destroyed the “Sampoong” Shopping Center in Seoul.  458 persons perished under the rubble of the shopping center.  In Russia, where every second building is constructed with the same technology as the sadly well-known “Sampoong” center, this experience will be extremely relevant, in the opinion of the Forum organizers from the GCE Group.

Delegates from RosNeft-Tuapsinsky-Petroleum Refinery, Gazprom Refinery, East Siberian Oil and Gas Company, Gazprom GazSafety, RosNeft-Burenie, EnergoAtom, RusHydro, KazTransOil, Kuybishevsky Oil Refinery, Angarsky Petrochemical Company, and many other companies have already registered for the VIII International Forum on Industrial Safety.

Background note:  The VIII International Forum on Industrial Safety will take place May 24-27, 2010 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in the “Smolny Sobor” concert exhibition hall.  Those wishing to attend may register now.  Telephone for the Forum Organizing Committee is 7-812-331-8353, or 7-812-334-5561.

The official website of the Forum:  www.conference.gce.ru
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