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Saint-Petersburg Channel: GCE experts checked salt-affected substation insulators

St.Petersburg Channel has started a series of programs about the role of houses in peoples’ lives and life of people in their houses. TV-program “Mr. House Manager” is broadcasted from the Center in Smolny, which remains a unique place from technical point of view. All information about condition of the city and utilities, housing maintenance services, complaints of citizens, recordings of emergency calls and outdoor security cameras are concentrated there.

GCE Group experts were invited to consult St.Petersburg Channel reporters and help to test chemical agent’s influence on insulating properties of power substation insulators. Experimental results were presented during TV-program “Mr. House Manager”.

What is better: to over-salt or under-salt? Of course, it is not a food topic, but why there is no alternative and why do we still use salt mixed with chemicals which destroy our shoes and even insulators?

Source: St.Petersburg Channel

Recording of the program “Mr. House Manager. Municipal improvement” is here

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