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Russia is the only country that does not have a dangerous goods regulation

Ministry of Transport keeps rejecting the drafts.

Russia is the only country that does not have a dangerous goods regulation. This issue was addressed by Vladimir Malovechko, Associate Professior of St. Petersburg University of State Fire Protection Agency of EMERCOM, at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety in St. Petersburg.

«When requesting the government to study this or that issue, the only reply we receive — there is no money. When a tragedy (fire, flood) happens, money somehow appears. The same is true for the legislation. The Ministry of Transport keeps replying: there is no need in such a law. The explanation they give — each kind of transport has its peculiarities and must be individually governed by specific regulations», Malovechko says.

Earlier, Svetlana Vorontsova, Vice President of Transport Integration Group, declared that by 2030 the total volume of goods transported in Russia would grow almost twofold. According to her, the main factor will be connection of new regions of Russia to international transport corridors. At the same time, the share of railway transportation will drop from 79.1% to 74.5% during the next 15 years.

Source: Business News Agency

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