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Russia-Brazil: Joint Energy Conservation Projects

A joint team of energy consultants from the GCE-Energy (Russia) and GCE-Brazil (Brazil) have initiated an energy inspection of a plant belonging to American chemical innovative manufacturing corporation 3M in the city of Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

According to the preliminary findings of the energy consultants, there is potential for electrical energy and fuel savings, in as much as the rated capacity of the power supply system is above norms for energy resource consumption.  

Financing for the project is being handled by the largest private energy company in Brazil, CPFL Energia, which has interests in the freeing up of and redirection of electrical power.

Background Note:  Both companies, GCE-Energy and GCE-Brazil are a part of the international group the GCE Group of Companies.  The GCE Group specializes in energy consulting, development of energy conservation programs and industry.


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