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RusHydro workplace safety is confirmed by GCE

GCE Group workplace safety certification experts have completed assessments at Nizhegorodskaya HEPP and at JSC RusHydro executive offices in Moscow.

Since the end of September the company was undergoing workplace recertification which was required after changes in the company’s organizational structure.

In addition, GCE experts also checked working conditions of all work areas at JSC RusHydro subsidiary – Nizhegorodskaya HEPP.
Overall, workplace safety experts have certified over 500 work areas of the hydro-electric power generating company. Samples and measurements results analyses were performed by the GCE Group test laboratory in Saint-Petersburg.  

In order to mitigate the effects of industrial hazard factors on personnel life and health, JSC RusHydro implemented in October “The System of Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Personnel at Hydro-Electric Power Generating Facilities and Renewable Power Sources Facilities” standard.  Common regulations are now in force at all company’s enterprises which allows maximizing efficiency of corporate labor protection policy implementation.  

Background information:
The branch of GCE Group, which specializes in workplace safety services and in implementation of international management systems, is GCE-CAC, accredited by the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development. Among many others, the company’s clients are enterprises of Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Russian Railways, Gillette, and Alcoa.  

RusHydro Group is one of the largest Russian energy holdings, which encompasses over 70 renewable power facilities in Russia and abroad.  

Nominal capacity of RusHydro electric power generating facilities is 34.9 G Wt, including JSC RSC East Energy Systems facilities capacity.  Total thermal capacity is 16168 G Cal/hr.
RusHydro is a leader in renewable energy production, developing hydro, tidal, wind and geothermal production capacities.

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