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Rospotrebnadzor agreed to the calculated sanitary protection zone of Belovo District Power Station


Rospotrebnadzor agreed to the project of the calculated sanitary protection zone of Belovo District Power Station OJSC “Kuzbassenergo” (a subsidiary of “Siberian Generating Company”) taking into consideration of the power station development until the year of 2014. The project was developed by GCE group. The activities were carried out in connection with the implementation of investment projects within the framework of Contracts on providing capacity by means of reconstruction of power blocks Nos. 4 and 6.

Within the framework of the investment project on the modernization of the generating capacity of Belovo District Power Station, two new turbine units of JSC "Power Machines" of 220 MW will be installed in place of the equipment, which have completed the operational life. In addition to the improving of operational reliability of the entire power plant by the installation of the new equipment, the commissioning and operation of the two units (in 2013 and 2014, respectively) will increase the power plant capacity to the tune of 40 MW and the total installed capacity will reach to 1240 MW.

In order to comply with the environmental policy commitments of the OJSC “Kuzbassenergo” as per the legislation requirements of environmental protection and health of the people in Belovo, the work was conducted for determining the level of environmental impact within the sanitary protection zone of the thermal power plant.

The drafting of the environmental project by the GCE Group began in February 2012. During this period, necessary calculations and analysis were made to determine the levels of dispersion of pollutants in the air by acoustic effects and electromagnetic radiation. “The study has shown that after re-equipping, the level of environmental pollution from the power plant will not increase”, - said Tatiana Nifontova, Ph.D., Director of GCE-Ecology.

Within the framework of the environmental project GCE Group has also developed a program of field survey and measurements to monitor air quality. According to this, after the completion of the modernization of generating capacity, the company will conduct monitoring as per the established indicators at the borders of the sanitary protection zone and implement measures to ensure the standards of permissible impact on the environment.

Company profile:
In GCE Group structure, GCE Ecology is engaged in consulting in the field of environmental legislation. The company experts have participated in such socially significant projects as the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, automobile factories of Nissan, Toyota, and in the development of oil field of “Gazprom”, TNK-BP and Lukoil.

Tatiana Nifontova, Ph.D., Director of GCE-Ecology

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