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Robustness of hazardous industrial facilities is to be covered at the International Forum on Industrial Safety

Igor Kirillov, Senior Research Associate of National R&D Center Kurchatov Institute, is going to make a presentation during the session dedicated to best-practices to ensure emergency-free operations.

Based on the case study of the Fukushima accident, the speaker will tell about key factors underlying the increasing number of accidents, how to avoid severe consequences and so on. Hazardous industrial facilities (such as NPP, HPP) are often crucial elements of a country’s infrastructure. The presentation is dedicated to comparison and critical analysis of methodological approaches to managing robustness of critical infrastructure, which have been developed in the US and EU for the past decade.

Every year lead experts from Russia and other countries share their experience and knowledge with specialists who are in charge of safety and health of workers at plants. For the past several years the Forum was attended by representatives of industrial companies and supervisory authorities from 35 countries: the UK, Brazil, Germany ,France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, South Korea, the South African Republic, Poland, Chile, Belarus, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many others.

The Organizing Committee accepts applications for participation until May 25, 2017. See you in St. Petersburg!

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