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Representatives of 15 Countries Meet in Saint Petersburg to Discuss Problems of Technical Safety

At the VIII International Forum on Industrial Safety to be held May 24th through 27th representatives of government oversight agencies and industrial enterprises from 15 countries will gather to solve pressing questions for the provision of peace and technical safety.  

The Forum traditionally takes place in the city on the Neva during the days of white nights.  The Forum is supported by the Executive Committee of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and by the United Nations.  

The business portion of the program will take place at the concert-exhibition hall “Smolny Sobor.”  Over the course of two days of sessions will be heard on the order of 50 reports, presenting lessons in handling the largest manmade catastrophes, experience in assuring industrial safety of government structures, international organizations, and private companies.  Experts will again raise the themes of the accidents at the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Plant and the explosion on the gas pipeline in Moscow.  The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy will speak regarding the details of the national rescue operation in the city of Viareggio, where containers of hazardous cargo exploded on the railroad in June of 2009.  Ukrainian experts will present on the reasons leading to a series of accidents in coal mines, recognized as the most dangerous mines in the world.  At the center of attention will be the Russian government’s legislative initiatives, which are actively taking measures in the battle with fires.     

As of today, delegations from Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Poland, the Republics of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Belarus, the Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Switzerland, and Russia have confirmed their participation in the function.  

As noted the Forum organizer, president of the GCE Group Alexander Moskalenko:  “The world is not prepared for such accidents as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  We master new technologies and build faster than we learn how to deal with their hazardous repercussions.  Right now we are all observing the course of a rescue operation, at a time when it is necessary to react just as quickly as in situations where we offer aid to other governments in times of natural disasters.  This is a big lesson in the area of coming together for teamwork in trans-border catastrophes.  In particular, we appeal to the whole world for the international cooperation of business enterprises and governments in the area of providing for the safety of life on earth.”

You may familiarize yourself with the Forum program on the website  www.conference.gce.ru

Forum details: 7 (812) 325-0621, 331-8353.
Public relations director for the GCE Group - Anastasia Savelieva

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