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Press conference will finalize XII International Forum on Industrial Safety on May 30, 2014


Press conference dedicated to Industrial safety situation in Russia will finish Industrial Safety Forum, one of the key global events founded for international development enhancement and experience sharing in terms of man-made and ecological disasters prevention and response.

Technical regulation project deliverables elaborated by EMERCOM work group will be disclosed during the press conference. As soon as the regulations come in force they will cover all member-countries of the Custom Union. No similar regulation document is available nowadays.

Industrial safety situation in present-day Russia: emergency statistics, main reasons, new legislation trends. Which challenges related to man-made and ecological disasters protection do industrial enterprises face? Recommendations and solutions.

Quantity of enterprises with harmful labor conditions in Russia.

Must employees be aware of labor conditions they work in? Lighting level, temperature and air humidity – is it necessary to know these parameters?

Announced speakers:

  • Alexander Moskalenko, President & CEO of GCE Group;
  • Anatoly Makarevich, Deputy Director of Supervisory Activities Department (EMERCOM of Russia);
  • Alexey Kapaev, Deputy Head of North-West Federal Agency for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision;
  • Igor Soloviev, Deputy Head of State Labor Inspectorate (St.Petersburg);
  • Alexander Stakanov, General Director C.A.C-GCE.

Venue: BaltInfo press centre (34, Mira str., St.Petersburg)
Time: 11a.m. – 12.30p.m.

Journalists’ accreditation by:
Karina Nikitenko, GCE Group Press Secretary
Tel.: +7 812 325 06 21, Mob.: +7 921 927 18 58, e-mail: k.nikitenko@gce.ru

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