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Not only Trump. Weekly Spotlight

Hilary Clinton has won the popular vote, yet lost to Donald Trump in the US presidential election. This has triggered plunging at the global stock markets except for Moscow Exchange which set to rise. The property of the transportation company “Deloviye Linii” has been arrested in St. Petersburg and the Ministry of Housing and Construction supported the initiative to reduce hot water temperature in residential buildings.

The breaking news was, of course, Donald Trump winning the presidential election in the USA. Although Hilary Clinton received more votes, the electors supported Trump.

The world markets did not expect such a turn and started to plunge. Moscow Exchange, however, went up. Analytics assume that it is due to Trump’s pro-Russia attitude.

The issue of reducing hot water temperature in houses remains burning. The Ministry of Housing and Construction favors the idea and suggests heating water up to 70°C once a day for disinfection. GCE experts say the initiative is fairly reasonable.

In St. Petersburg the property of one of the major carriers – “Deloviye Linii” – was arrested. The total value of the arrested assets amounted to 1.6 billion rubles. The carrier declared that it would comply with all requirements and resume routine operations. 

Source: Business News Agency

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