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New Occupational Safety Regulations Come in Force

From October 19, 2016 new regulations on occupational safety during installation and maintenance of process equipment have come in force. Andrey Kiselev, Director of C.A.C-GCE (member of GCE Group), says: “Every worker shall be sure in safety at their working place. Therefore, any labor-protecting regulations are always appreciated”.

The new regulations cover the following areas: 

  • Organization of work;
  • Industrial areas, facilities, sites and specific working places conditions;
  • Performance of works;
  • Transportation and storage of process equipment, spare parts and consumables.

Also, the regulations set new rules for floor marking and lighting – use of only spot lighting is now prohibited. For works to which special occupational safety rules are applied, safety knowledge assessment shall be conducted at least once in 12 months and safety trainings – at least once in 3 months.

“The working population in our country totals 72 million people with over 49 million working areas. Each work place must comply with the existing occupational safety standards”, - says Andrey Kiselev.

The new occupation safety rules were introduced by the Order of the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Security No.310n dated 23.06.2016.

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