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MPDCL is on the way towards energy efficiency

GCE Group experts have commenced power distribution network simulation to identify losses and optimize power supply of Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited (MPDCL), a company providing 46% of total electrical energy to Meghalaya state.

MPDCL informed that commercial and technical losses amounted to 40%. Russia-India expert team of GCE Group will identify the reasons and develop loss-reduction options. Recently, energy auditors have finalized GPS-based asset survey and determined actual scheme of the network. Now, experts are ready to develop energy efficient model of the power distribution network.

Director of GCE Group International Department, Anastasia Savelyeva comments that energy auditors expect to save more than 5% of total energy consumption by the power network improvement. GCE Group energy auditors have started to survey the industrial area in spring 2015. In November, MPDCL management will receive preliminary EnCon program followed by monthly energy consumption monitoring and additional EnCon options development during 2015-2016.


GCE Group is one of the global energy efficiency consultants, independent from energy equipment suppliers. GCE Group has vast experience working with all the types of energy: electrical and thermal energy, steam, LNG, solar energy, etc. Among our clients are Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, Gazprom, Rosneft, RUSAL and other industrial leaders.

In India GCE Group is presented by GCE Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. providing services on energy efficiency improvement and Energy Management Systems development.

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