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Moscow is focused on occupational safety at fuel-energy complex plants

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs together with Oil& Gas Vertical magazine are holding international conference “Occupational safety of Fuel-Energy Complex in Russia: basic value of an employee, company and the State”. The event is taking place in Moscow, November 11-12, 2014.

The conference is supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (Russia), the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (the Republic of Bashkortostan), the Union of gas and oil producers (Russia), Trade Union of Workers in the Oil and Gas Industries (Russia), Non-commercial partnership “Council of electrical energy producers” (Russia).

Main target of the conference is assessment of social-labor relations and social partnership monitoring on behalf of the State, corporate occupational safety management systems quality, boundaries of permissible and impermissible conduct of employees.

GCE Group experts will share practical experience in special assessment of labor conditions and announce the latest changes in labor protection legislation. Topics related to occupational safety and labor relations are the basis for workforce capacity, labor performance and general social situation in the country, sais GCE-C.A.C Director, Alexander Stakanov.

All information about the conference is available on Oil&Gas Vertical web-site.

Alexander Stakanov, director GCE- C.A.C.

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