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Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation registered energy performance certificate for AK Yakutskenergo OJSC


Energy auditors of GCE Group have carried out energy inspection of all the branches of AK Yakutskenergo OJSC (part of RAO Energy System of East JSC). In accordance with the inspection results energy saving program and energy performance certificate have been developed. AK Yakutskenergo OJSC is a major supplier of electric energy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya). It occupies one of the top positions among Russian energy companies with regard to service area (2.2 million sq. km) and to the quantity of generating sources.

AK Yakutskenergo OJSC includes seven branches: Kaskad Vilyuiskikh GES named after E.N. Batenchuk which supplies energy to Western Yakutiya; Yakutskaya GRES which represents electrical “engine room” of the republic capital and 10 adjacent areas with more than 500 thousand natives of Yakutsk; Yakutskaya TETs is the first thermal station of electric energy system; Yakutskie gorodskie elektricheskie seti; Zapadnye elektricheskie seti; Tsentralnye elektricheskie seti; Energosbyt.

According to Vasily Tarasovsky, Energy Efficiency Director of GCE Group, total energy saving potential at the facilities of AK Yakutskenergo OJSC reaches 134 thousand tons of reference fuel which is equivalent to 697 million rubles.

GCE experts suggested installation of additional heating surface (air heater) at the boiler as one of the most effective energy saving measure for Yakutskaya TETs . Air heater use shall make it possible to reduce losses of heat and exhaust gas. According to preliminary estimate of energy auditors the economic effect shall reach 2.4 thousand tons of reference fuel (5.4 million rubles per year).

Also energy saving measures include the adjustment of electric start at gas-turbine generators, the introduction of automation system of central heating stations, the reconstruction of pumping equipment drives, the use of polyurethane foam insulation (for thermal station repair) and the introduction of power transformers with reduced losses.

The information is provided by GCE press-center.

GCE Group is one of the global consultants in the field of energy efficiency independent of power equipment manufacturers. GCE Group has work experience with companies which use all kinds of energy: electricity, heat, steam, solar energy, etc. Its clients include large companies in oil, gas and other industries.

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