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March 27 GCE Group will participate in the WWF “Earth Hour” and turn off lights in all of its offices in Russia and abroad

During the “Earth Hour” many companies and governments in many countries around the world, including in 40 Russian cities, will turn off the lights for one hour in support of their fight to reverse climate change. Is there a danger of an energy collapse? – the experts from GCE Group comment on the issue.

The event, planned for Saturday, March 27th, at 20:30 Moscow time is going to be the 4th global event organized by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). Those, who are against the event tasked to conserve the energy, are concern that mass disconnect of thousands of energy consumers will cause an energy catastrophe due to abrupt voltage fluctuations.

GCE Group energy efficiency consultants, who joined the WWF event, do not share this opinion. “According to our estimates, the reduction in energy consumption due to disconnect of street lighting, architectural lights and lighting in office and housing buildings will not exceed 10% of the total consumption – says GCE Energy technical director Vasiliy Tarasovskiy – The modern power systems are prepared for even bigger fluctuations. Fluctuations of 15-25% are normal. Every day millions of people simultaneously turn on and off lights when they come home or the office, go to bed, etc.”.

Business community supports the event

Today, March 23, GCE Group president has notified the Russian government about joining the event.
“In all of our offices in Russia and abroad we will disconnect power supply (with exception of main servers). Often our employees don’t turn off their computers when they leave for the weekend – says Mr. Moskalenko. – The HVAC system also will not operate. In addition, other power systems, with exception of vital systems, will be turned off. This, according to preliminary estimates,  will even allow us  to save up to 500 kWt, and this is only in St. Petersburg”.

Background note:
The Earth Hour event was first conducted in Sydney, Australia in March of 2007. In 2009, the number of participating countries reached 88 with over 1,4 thousands of cities participating as well. Russia has officially joined the event this year. According to WWF, 30 private companies supported the Earth Hour event in Russia. In a few days will be identified 23 major participating facilities where power will be turned off. Among them lighting of the city hall, the university, hotel Ukraine, the academy of sciences, four bridges.


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