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GCE-Energo (a member of GCE Group) will perform compulsory energy audits of Quadra subsidiaries.

Quadra, PJSC is one of the largest territorial generating companies in Russia with core operations in sales of electrical and thermal energy. The company owns 20 power plants and 5,465.6 km of heat networks. The total installed electrical and heat capacities are 2,889.7 MW and 13,402.4 Gcal/h respectively.

The energy audit is to covers 8 subsidiaries: Central, Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel, Smolensk and Tambov.

GCE experts will develop the energy conservation program along with techno-economic feasibility report and the energy performance certificate of Quadra, PJSC. The certificate will be subsequently registered by the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Reference: GCE Group is one of the worlds’ leading consultants in energy efficiency working independently of power equipment manufacturers. GCE has been providing services to enterprises using various types of energy recourses: electrical energy, heat, steam, solar energy etc. Clients include major companies from oil, gas and other industries.



XVI International Forum on Industrial Safety was held in St. Petersburg from 5 to 8 June

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