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Let us Help the Fire Victims Together!

Due to the abnormally high temperature that remains in Russia since early July the country has been lashed by forest and peat fires. The magnitude of the natural disaster is catastrophic! Emergency is about to be declared in the capital: many families of diplomatic missions have left the smoky Moscow. According to the official statistics above 50 people were killed, more than1200 houses were destroyed by fire, the area under fire exceeded 500,000 hectares. Today, a total of 12 countries are providing assistance to Russia in fighting forest fires in the European part of the country.

Today, on 10th of August, Alexander Moskalenko, the President of the GCE Group addressed through the media the business community – the partners and customers – with the appeal to involve themselves in the fund-raising activity to help the fire victims.

Given below is the message:

- Dear Colleagues, Partners!

Last Sunday, when the city [-Saint-Petersburg], was enveloped in smog for a moment we just felt, what could be now in Central Russia. In the place of the people, who were left homeless, could be each one.

We appeal to help our fellow citizens in distress!

We are transferring monetary fund to the account of the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church, the first, who came to the aid of fire victims.

You can also provide targeted assistance to the victims by taking under your patronage to provide shelter and food supply to one or more families!

Bank Account Details for the transfer of monetary assistance:

PRO Department for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)
Address: Moscow, St. Stanislavski, 29
INN 7709048164, KPP 770901001, OGRN 1037739255762
Account Number / IBAN: 40703810200000001493 in OJSC Bank Petrocommerce,

Corresponding Account: 30101810700000000352, BIK 044525352
Department of Public Relations, GCE Group:
+7 (812) 325-0621, 331-8353


Фото: Reuters

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