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Knauf at the frontline of energy efficiency

The energy conservation program previously developed by GCE-Energo helps KNAUF PETROBOARD to build an effective internal system of energy self-sustainment.

In 2014, KNAUF PETROBOARD invited experts of GCE-Energo to conduct an energy audit of the company. The audit resulted in the energy conservation program which the two companies started to implement later that year.

The most large-scale and effective energy saving project was arrangement of an internal independent heat supply system that enabled KNAUF PETROBOARD to considerably reduce electricity and heat consumption. The economic effect of this initiative totaled 15b rubles per year. Notably, the payback period was originally estimated as 4 years but due to the growth of electricity tariffs the investments paid off as soon as in 3 years.

Within the framework of the energy efficiency improvement program, since 2014 KNAUF PETROBOARD has implemented 80% of the energy saving projects proposed by the energy auditors.

Currently, implementation of the program continues. Starting from autumn 2017, GCE-Energo has been performing an energy audit to develop measures that will ensure power supply to the facilities of KNAUF PETROBOARD from captive power plants. Having analyzed all necessary parameters, the experts have selected the optimal type and capacity of the generating equipment. The final stage of the audit will consist in assessment of the projects implementation and will be completed in February this year.

Reference: GCE Group is one of the worlds’ leading consultants in energy efficiency working independently of power equipment manufacturers. GCE has been providing services to enterprises using various types of energy recourses: electrical energy, heat, steam, solar energy etc. Clients include major companies from oil, gas and other industries. The first contract with KNAUF was signed in 1994.

KNAUF PETROBOARD has a leading position on the markets in Russia and the CIS countries in manufacture of packaging and wall lining board used to make gypsum plasterboard. The main raw material used in the manufacture of lining board is waste paper. The company has been a structural unit of KNAUF CIS since 2008.

The plant produced its first batch of board in 1982. The first investment contract with KNAUF was signed in 1994 and in 1998 the acquisition was accomplished. At the moment, KNAUF is implementing a large scale 3.5b rubles investment program to upgrade its wall lining board manufacturing facilities before 2020. The program aims to increase board production, improve its quality as well as to make the production more energy efficient and sustainable.

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