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It's time to build a new system of values - in Moscow the energy experts discussed plans for the implementation of the energy management standard ISO 50001


Last week Moscow hosted the conference “Energy management standard ISO 50001. What are the challenges you expect?”, in which for the first time the practical experience of implementing energy management system at the industrial enterprises was presented. The Conference was organised by the experts from GCE Group with the support of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIA) and the Council of Energy Producers. Recall that in July 2011 the international standard ISO 50001 "Energy Management Systems" was ratified by the international committee. Now the question is will there be in 2013 the National Standard “GOST”  for energy management, or will the Russian-language version of the international standard be accepted as the basis. Experts are inclined towards the second variant of the development of events.

Opening the meeting, the Deputy Director General of the FGBU Russian Energy Agency (REA) Alex Konev noted “we are talking about a new system of values.” At the enterprises, where people are aware that this is a tool for effective development, the work on the energy management system has been going on since long ago. The pioneers among them are FSK, MOESK, Novolipetsk Steel, Lukoil, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Sibur, TNK-BP. Thus, according to REA, in TNK-BP, during the first year of implementation of ISO 50001 standards the energy savings brought in 90 million dollars! Three percentage of the savings was achieved by Sibur in one of its refineries – said Tarasovskiy Vasiliy, the Director of Energy Efficiency of the GCE Group.

"With the adoption of the standard the energy managers and energy auditors got a powerful tool with which the activity has a systematic and comprehensive approach, based on the best international practice, - says Alexey Kornyushin, Head of the Expert Group of the RSPP Committee on energy policy and energy efficiency. - This is an effective mechanism for the implementation of the Federal Law 261 “On Energy Saving”.

REA, as well as RUIA, do not rule out the perspective of rejecting the creation of the Russian National  Standard (GOST) for energy management and the adoption of the Russian version of the international standard as the basis. "It is logical from the point of view of Russia's integration into the Customs and the Eurasian Union", - said A. Konev. Alex Kornyushin noted that one of the main barriers that hinders the use of energy efficient technologies and energy service contracts in Russia, is the lack of effective instruments of financing. In this case the experts at the conference repeatedly emphasized that the establishment of energy management system is a low-cost activity.

In his turn, the representative of UNIDO, and one of the developers of ISO 50001 Sergey Roginko presented to the public the UN project “Energy Efficiency in the Russian Industry”, within the framework of which projects in the field of energy efficiency are funded. However, the Project Manager S. Roginko himself stated that many are not satisfied with the terms of assistance, although 30% of the required amount is allocated.

The Methodology of developing and implementing the energy management system, as well as IT-development in the field of forecasting and operational analysis of fuel and energy resources, were presented by the experts from the “GCE Group”. Back in 2010,  at the “Tobolsk Petrochemicals”  they have implemented a pilot project to develop and implement the energy management system, and they are now working in this direction by the contract from RUSAL.

"Of course, the institute of energy experts and energy managers in Russia was not formed completely, and there is no Certification Institute, that can confirm by documents the operation of the existing system, - said Alexander Stakanov, Director of the  “CAC - GCE” and the moderator of the conference. - That is why the present structure of the GCE Group is preparing for the accreditation body for the certification of the  management systems."

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