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International experience in energy audits of cement plants is presented in Brazil

Energy auditors of GCE Group conducted a rapid audit of Itambe cement plant in Balsa Nova, Parana (Brazil).  

The Itambe plant is interested in reducing consumption of fuel and energy resources (FER) of one of the two existing cement production lines.
As the energy auditors note, the cement industry has traditionally been among the power-consuming ones. According to GCE experts’ statistics, the potential energy savings on fuel in cement production can reach up to 7-15%, and on electricity – up to 10%.
Energy inspection is carried out on the second cement production line. In its design the latest energy-saving technologies were taken into account and the optimal FER use scheme was selected. After the furnaces the thermal energy of exhaust gases is used in cyclones and mills for preparation of raw materials and fuel. This eliminates the need for separate drying plants which consume extra fuel.
“At the end of September we will be able to provide the plant’s engineering staff a complete list of energy-saving measures. Following the first stage of the energy inspection we identified the ways of increasing efficiency of using FER. Among these is the reconstruction of the water supply system with replacement of pumps, use of waste heat removed from the furnace refrigerator, replacement of coal mills, power factor correction, selective isolation of hot surfaces of processing equipment”, said Vasily Tarasovskiy, GCE Group CEO for Energy Efficiency.
The production line surveyed by GCE experts annually delivers more than 700,000 tons of cement clinker. The total production capacity is 1.5 million tons of cement per year.

About the companies:

Itambe cement plant was founded in 1976. The plant has three cement production lines. The first one, the oldest, is currently kept in reserve mode. The other lines are operating at full capacity.
The plant’s clients are builders, resellers, manufacturers of concrete both in Brazil and all around the world.

GCE Group is one of the global consultants in the field of energy efficiency independent from power equipment manufacturers. GCE has experience with all types of energy: electricity, heat, steam, energy, liquefied gas, solar energy, etc. Among our clients are Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, Gazprom, Rosneft, RUSAL and other industry leaders

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