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Import substitution in production of emergency response and rescue equipment is successful

Major foreign companies open their local branches in Russia.

Import substitution in production of emergency response and rescue equipment is successful. It was announced by Sergey Potrashkov, Sales Director of Technoavia, at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety.

"Quality of domestic products has considerably improved for the past several years. The good news is that now we have companies which can offer a full-cycle production," Potrashkov notes. He also added that after establishing import sanctions, major foreign companies opened their local branches in Russia which became an incentive for the domestic market.

In 2015, the Russian government created the Import Substitution Committee. The Committee has two sub-committees: for military-industrial sector and civil economic sectors. The government also adopted the Import Substitution Program to 2020, where the key areas included agriculture, machinery engineering and IT.

Source: Business News Agency

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