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GCE will support Earth hour


Billions of people all over the world are switching off the light showing care about the Earth future on March 29. GCE Group employees from many countries are participating in the most large-scale action in human history.

Earth hour is starting at 8.30 pm in Russia.

Campaign for employees involving into this flash mob is held today in all GCE Group offices.

GCE Group is a global leader in energy efficiency consulting for industrial corporations. We decided to prepare thoroughly for the event and show considerable example to our clients and friends. GCE employees from many countries, together with their families, will switch off electricity and all household devices. We hope that such solidarity will appeal to people and make them consume energy rationally to save the planet’s resources in the future.

Besides, GCE Group experts prepared a detailed guide with listed household devices and amount of energy consumed by each of them along with possible energy saving opportunities for colleagues and their families in Russia.

Alexander Moskalenko, GCE Group President: «Our company knows one experiment when a building was subdivided into two areas. Employees concentrated in one area were aware of energy saving opportunities, employees in second part – no. As a result, savings in the first part of the building reached 15%! Energy saving awareness is a complex education of people. In this regard, even one hour is incredibly important. Parents can provide this information to their children and people will care about energy consumption efficiency at least during two next days.»

Each event has oppositionists, unfortunately. The main issue of all the skeptics is that “one hour without electricity will change nothing”. However, if 30% of St. Petersburg inhabitants will switch off only one 60Wt bulb for an hour, savings will amount to 300 thousand rubles, according to GCE Group investigations.

We would like to remind that 2 billion people from 150 countries supported Earth hour last year. This action founded in 2007 as a symbol of environmental protection has already grown to an international campaign for the Earth resources saving. Everyone can make a contribution in it.

Information is provided by GCE Group PR Department

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