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GCE performs energy survey of SIBUR enterprises

Energy auditors from GCE Group surveying sites of Yuzhno-Balyksky GPK and BIAXPLEN as part of implementing the SIBUR Energy Surveys Plan for 2012.

Currently, GCE experts began comprehensive energy survey of BIAXPLEN (Nizhny-Novgorod site of the leading domestic producer of bi-axially oriented polypropylene films BIAXPLEN – SIBUR subsidiary). The goal of the energy survey is to assess condition and energy efficiency of primary and auxiliary energy consuming equipment. Energy conservation measures, which will allow significant reduction of the energy resource consumption, will be developed based upon results of the energy survey. The survey is planned to be completed by December of 2012.

In addition, GCE experts are also participating in the energy audit of JSC Yuzhno-Balyksky GPK (gas processing facility – part of SIBUR in KMAO). GCE specialists will survey process equipment, all power supply systems of the enterprise, as well as perform instrumentation measurements. Development of the Energy Audit Passport, which the enterprise is planning to obtain in 2013, is considered one of the main achievements of the energy audit.

Energy surveys are some of the most efficient tools used to formulate SIBUR’s Energy Conservation Program, which, due to implementation of energy conservation measures, will afford energy cost reduction of not less than 5%.

According to Mr. Vasili Tarasovsky, GCE Energy Efficiency Director, the experts can already forecast a technically achievable energy conservation potential of as much as 10% at the Yuzhno-Balyksky GPK.

As previously mentioned, the collaboration between GCE and SIBUR began in 2006. A similar work was performed at Tobol’sk-Nefthekhim in 2008, and in 2010 the energy auditors have developed the Comprehensive Targeted Energy Conservation Program (CTECP) for the enterprise. Based on the measures, proposed for implementation by GCE, a list of SIBUR’s energy conservation measures was developed, which are now actively used within the holding.

Fact Sheet:
As part of GCE Group, GCE-Energy, one of the largest energy auditors in Europe, is tasked with consulting in energy efficiency services. The Company’s clients in Russia are enterprises of Gazprom, Rosneft, RUSAL, Euraz Group, SIBUR, TGK-1, OGK-1, and many others.

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