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GCE has completed Zaporizhzhya TPP energy auditing process


Energy auditors of international group of companies GCE (GCE) have completed energy inspection of Zaporizhzhya Thermal Power Plant, the power leader among the Ukrainian thermal power plants. The station is owned by DTEK, the largest energy company in Ukraine.

Having conducted energy audits of the enterprise, GCE experts have developed a program of improving the energy efficiency of TPP to include the three groups of measures: organizational (energy management, energy resources metering); typical technical and innovative measures.

The implementation of the main part of the activities will enable TPP energy efficiency increase in the next 2-3 years. According to GCE Director for Energy Efficiency Vasiliy Tarasovskiy, that will save 158 770 tons of oil equivalent, that turns out to be 372 770 thousand hryvnia in terms of money.

In addition to the basic recommendations, the experts proposed the fundamentally important innovative activities for Zaporizhzhya TPP: implementation of gas-plasma ignition and reconstruction of power-generating unit by gas turbine extension using coal gasification These innovations would perspectively allow abandonment of expensive fuel type and entirely displace coal combustion,the main Ukraine energy resource. Coal usage significantly reduces the cost of fuel and energy resources without any loss of energy facilities quality.

Of course, such a decision requires the analysis of many factors. However, from the point of view of energy efficiency the implementation of these experts recommended measures, will increase the efficiency of power stations up to plus 46% as compared to current figure of 33%. Annual savings in this case would make about 344, UAH 46mln.

Reconstruction of steam-powered combined-cycle power station in GT by add-ins using the gasification of coal will lead to the following results:
– Generating units power increase;
– Fuel economy by 10%;
– Decrease hazardous emissions;
– Increase the unit maneuverability.

Fuel consumption reduction will also reduce the carbon oxides emissions into the atmosphere. Operating experience of the two Moldavian GRES waste GTCC shows that transition from stand-alone to th combined mode reduces NOx concentration by about 35%.

Unit improved maneuverability is caused by the possibility of transition from the combined mode to autonomous one.

Background information:
GCE Group is one of the global consultants in the field of energy efficiency independent of power equipment manufacturers. GCE has experience with all types of energy: electricity, heat, steam, energy, liquefied gas, solar energy, etc. Among our clients are Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, Gazprom, Rosneft, RUSAL and other industry leaders.

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