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GCE Group president Alexander Moskalenko told the reporters about the benefits of the project “Nord Stream”
Gas wars with transit countries must go into the past: already tomorrow the fill-in of the pipeline “Nord Stream” will start, which will directly link the gas seller - Russia with the buyer - Europe. This was announced by the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin today at a regional conference of “United Russia” in Cherepovets.
On the significance of the “Nord Stream” for Russian gas export - Boris Beilin.

Beilin B.: The gas pipeline “Nord Stream” includes two lines, through which in a year up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas, which is more than one third of all exports of “Gazprom”" to far-abroad countries, can be delivered to the Western Europe. The first line for 27.5 billion cubic meters already exists, and the second one is being built. A third branch can also be laid. But even with the two lines, Russia almost completely covers the current level of fuel supply to Germany, Holland, England and France. Hence the words of Vladimir Putin about the new “window” to Europe do not seem to be an exaggeration: “It means that we are slowly, quietly, without any jerks are moving away from the dictates of transit countries. And this is the “window to Europe” in the energy sector”.

The project with a cost of nearly $ 7.5 billion was launched in late 2005. The laying along the seabed began in April 2010. Much time was spent on coordination. The length of the “Nord Stream” is 1200 km. along the seabed of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. It binds our Vyborg with the Greifswald in Germany. Since the Baltic countries and Poland opposed the construction, it had to be negotiated without them. As a result, the pipes are laid along the territorial waters and the economic zones of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The pipeline Operator Company is Nord Stream. Its major shareholder is Gazprom with 51%. 15.5% each is owned by German BASF and EON. Besides them the Dutch and French also participate in the project. The president of GCE Group Alexander Moskalenko is confident that the “Nord Stream” will protect Gazprom and the Western European consumers from several risks.

Moskalenko А.: Firstly, certain dependence on transit countries: when “I want - I release, and when I want – I do not release the gas”. By the example of Ukraine, we have seen all these - obviously we apparently get rid of this. It means that our pipeline goes directly, in fact, to the end user. Secondly, such matters like terrorist threat are also reduced. Getting to the tube at the seabed is more difficult than on the land. So I think this is a good move.

Beilin B.: As to the payback period, it depends on the future gas prices. However, Alexander Moskalenko believes that in any case, the pipeline will be filled, and the investment will come back in the foreseeable future.

Moskalenko А.: Judging by the fact that the energy consumption in the whole world is growing, and the emerging alternatives only supplement, not replacing the primary sources, I think that the gas demand will be large, and the prices on them will go up, and that means that it will pay off more quickly. In about 10 years – that is my prediction.

Beilin B.: If the Gazprom plans can be realized, and not only a second, but also a third gas pipeline will be built, by the “Northern Route” Russia can deliver to the West up to 80 billion cubic meters of gas annually. And if we can succeed in laying the “South Stream” along the seabed of the Black Sea, then more than 140 billion cubic meters of gas can be exported annually. This is about the same amount that was sold by Gazprom to the West in the last year. Thus, the two streams together will fully replace the current transit lines through Ukraine and Belarus.

 Source: VestiFM

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