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GCE Group launches annual corporate campaign “Donate your blood – save a life!”

On April 20, National Blood Donation Day, GCE Group headquarters will be the venue of the social campaign for voluntary blood donation “Donate your blood – save a life!”

This Day is, first of all, dedicated to donors – people who donate their blood to save life of strangers. The first blood transfusion in Russia was performed on April 20, 1832 – Andrey Volf, a young obstetrician from St. Petersburg, transfused blood to a woman who was giving birth and had intrapartum hemorrhage. The woman’s husband donated his blood and, thanks to utterly professional work of the doctor, she survived.

Every year in Russia over 1.5 million people are in need of blood transfusion. For instance, Moscow needs more than 200 liters of donated blood a year. Blood and blood components are required to help people suffering from blood cancer and hematological disorders, who are often children, women in the postdelivery period, people injured in car and other accidents.

“The objective of our campaign is not only to collect some blood, but also to engage everyone concerned in this noble initiative. It is only when acting together that we can make the world a better place”, says Alexander Moskalenko, President of GCE Group.

It was Mr. Moskalenko who initiated this campaign in GCE headquarters 9 years ago. The number of volunteers has been growing each year. Since 2014, the campaign has been supported by GCE India, GCE Germany and GCE Kazakhstan.

This year we invite all employees of industrial companies in the North-Western Region and media representatives to join us. Let’s save lives together!


Blood donation is a simple procedure. Thousands of donors donate blood 40 times and more during their lives. Active donors less often suffer from heart diseases and have more chances to survive blood loss in case of an accident. The most famous donor donated blood 624 times during his life which equals about 500 liters.

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