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Stop the oil leak by an underwater atomic explosion – as proposed by the experts on industrial safety of Russia (Targeting to stop the national eco-catastrophe in the U.S.)

Due to the oil slick washed on the U.S. shores along the Gulf of Mexico, today, the Louisiana state declared a state of emergency.

GCE Group President Alexander Moskalenko suggests that the leak can be stopped by employing an underwater nuclear explosion, which will suspend the well. “Let me remind you that we fight radio-active contamination using water, so the proposed method is effective and relatively safer.” empha-sized Mr. Moskalenko. Effects of the continual emission of oil and its combustion on the surface cannot commensurate with the possible impact on the environment by the radioactive steam from the atomic explosion. Problems have already reached the land and irreparable consequences will be felt for decades. These include mutation of all forms of life, the accumulation of dangerous substances and their entry into human body through food.”

GCE Group experts on risk analysis noted that in the case of British Petroleum, whose share value has fallen by 8% due to the incident, as in the case of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power Station, the insurance coverage will not be enough to make the reimbursement against the accident liquidation and its damages. “It is a disease of global reach. If anyone assesses the possible conse-quences of the accidents, including the damage, it can only be done superficially, without any accu-rate forecasts of their magnitude.” says President of the GCE Group. The situation on the stock ex-change shows that the outflow of investors is as they fear a huge loss. About 400 thousand dollars a day - it is only missed profits. Add to this the cost of the operation to save the environment. The cost of the reagents to be used for this treatment of 1 sq. km is estimated to be 100 thousand dollars. Obviously, the company was not prepared for such development of the emergency situation.”

Recall that the oil spill occurred as a result of a fire in the offshore rig situated in the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, around 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana. The fire started after an explosion. 115 persons were rescued from the burning platform, 11 are still missing. On 22nd April, the platform sank. Up to 5000 barrels of oil is spilling into the sea every day. Now the area of oil spillage on the surface of the water has reached 75000 sq. km. From the three wells up to 5000 bar-rels of oil has already spilled to the water and till date the leak could not be stopped as it occurs at a depth of 1500 meters.

FACT SHEET: GCE Group was founded in 1994. It is a leading technology consultant. One activity of the group in Russia is consulting in the field of technological safety. The clients include companies like Gazprom, TNK-BP, RUSAL, Sibur, Russian Railways, and many others.

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