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GCE Group experts confirmed fire safety of the Olympic Thermal Power Plant


GCE Group experts in fire safety inspected TPP Djubginskaya, one of the Olympic venues, for compliance with fire safety requirements.

TPP Djubginskaya was built in Defanovka village Tuapse region and is aimed at providing more than one fourth of forecasted peak load during Olympic Games 2014. TPP includes two 90 MW power units. New TPP has become a closing element in the chain of Sochi energy system upgrading process. Physical deterioration of the system had been reaching its peak in 2006.

From June to October 2013, GCE Group experts in fire safety carried out fire risks independent estimation, developed Fire Safety Declaration and fire extinction plan, afterwards approved by Federal State Control Authority «6th Fire-Fighting Unit in Krasnodar Region».

Expert report on fire protection conditions and carried out calculations for fire risks estimation proved TPP Djubginskaya compliance with fire safety requirements. Fire risk level of the facility does not exceed permissible norms.

Expert reviews were recorded by EMERCOM in the register of risks independent estimation.

TPP Djubginskaya construction was completed in record-short period, within 2 and half years. Inter RAO Group commissioned TPP Djubginskaya on November 5, 2013.

We would like to point out that GCE Group confirmed Sochinskaya TPP fire safety in the beginning of 2013.

LLC «Fire Safety Agency», within GCE Group, focuses on fire safety expert investigations. The agency is an independent company of experts in the area of fire audit, accredited by EMERCOM. Fire Safety Agency provides comprehensive services on industrial facilities fire safety systems development and efficiency upgrading. Among the agency’s clients are industrial giants like Gazprom, Ilim Group, RusHydro, E.ON Russia, Rosneft, Lukoil, Mariysky refinery, TGK-1, TNK-BP.

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