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GCE Group experts completed assessment of workplaces at NISSAN plant in St. Petersburg


Experts from GORODSKOY TSENTR EKSPERTIZ Group of Companies (GCE Group) have completed the assessment of working conditions at workplaces at Nissan Manufacturing RUS, LLC.

The assessment was conducted at 705 new plant workplaces, where 1,317 people (of which 173 are women) are currently working.

The occupational safety experts of GCE Group have investigated the workplaces with respect to sanitation, hygiene and technical parameters for equipment in order to determine any hazardous or harmful operational factors. Physical and chemical factors of operational processes have been measured, availability of personal protection equipment for each employee has been checked and injury prevention at all workplaces has been assessed.

The results of the assessment are one of the key elements in forming of Occupational Safety Policy at Nissan Manufacturing RUS, LLC.

The quality of the conducted assessment of the workplaces is supported by expert report of St. Petersburg Committee on Labor and Employment.

Information provided by press-centre of Gorodskoy Tsentr Ekspertiz Group of Companies.

GCE Group is consulting company No. 1 in Russia according to the ranking of “Expert” Rating Agency in the sphere of production engineering. CAC GCE focuses on services in the field of occupational safety in the Group. The company is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Health. Among its customers are the companies of Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Russian Railways, Gillette, Alcoa, Nissan and others.

Information on the NISSAN plant in St.Petersburg, Nissan Manufacturing RUS, LLC:

  • Location: North-West of St.Petersburg
  • Commencement of operation: June 2009
  • Investments: USD 200 mln
  • Total space: 165 ha
  • Build-up Area: 66,000 sq.m
  • Personnel: 2,000 persons, three shifts
  • Production shops: bodyshop, painting shop, final assembly shop
  • Production rate: 10 cars per hour
  • Productive capacity: 50,000 cars annually
  • The plant manufactures three models: Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Teana, Nissan Murano
  • In 2013 calendar year the Nissan plant in St.Petersburg produced 47,105 cars of the following models: Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Teana and Nissan Murano.
  • Localization amounts to 34%. The following sets of parts have been localized: metal parts of the body, face bars, glass, seats, exhaust systems, breaks and fuel pipes.
  • In May 2012 a planned expansion of the plant was declared for 2014 after which the plant will be able to boost its production capacity to 100,000 cars annually and produce up to five different models simultaneously. Additional investments of EUR 167 mln will be allocated for construction of additional 50,000 sq.m for production shops, including press shop and shop for plastic details production.
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