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GCE Group and Yantai Longyuan Power Сo. agreed on cooperation

Today it was communicated that the meeting of energy auditors of GCE Group with representatives of Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Company resulted in signing an agreement on cooperation in the sphere of energy efficiency.

At the meeting held in the city of Yantai (PRC) on 26-27 June, 2013, energy experts of both companies discussed possibility to implement the plasma ignition technology at electric power stations in Russia and other countries where GCE Group is represented.

Systems of plasma ignition technology for fuel oil-free start-up are widely used in China and provide for a considerable increase in energy efficiency of generation processes at power stations. GCE Group management can see a great potential market for introduction of such technologies at electric power stations in Russia.

As a reminder, in 2008 Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Company, under agreement with Far Eastern Generating Company, installed eight plasma burners at one of power units of Khabarovsk TPP-3. According to preliminary calculations, the co-generation plant will be able to save about six million rubles annually through the use of this new ignition technology.


GCE Group is one of the global consultants in the sphere of energy efficiency that is independent of power equipment manufacturers. The company has work experience with all types of energy: electrical energy, thermal energy, steam, liquefied gases, solar energy, etc. Among the company customers there are Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, Gazprom, Rosneft, RUSAL, and other industrial leaders.
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