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GCE Group accredited by Russian Maritime Register

Non-destructive control laboratory of GCE-Nord (a member of GCE Group) successfully passed through certification of Russian Maritime Register in accordance with the requirements to non-destructive control methods applied when conducting technical inspections.

All the pipelines, weld joints, external covers, metals, alloys, forgings and castings used in the shipbuilding process and at drilling platforms shall be testing. Certificate issued to GCE-Nord allow using visual-metering, ultrasonic, capillary, radiographic, magnetic and magnetic particle testing without interference in the operational processes at the facilities of Russian Maritime Register.


GCE-Nord (a member of GCE Group) is a leader in industrial safety expertise and technical diagnostics of building, facilities and equipment that refer to hazardous industrial facilities in Russia. The company has more than 40 expert teams and modern equipment at its disposal that allows conducting technical testing simultaneously at several large industrial facilities.

Classification society Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) was established on 31 December 1913. Since 1969 RS has been a member of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). The society focuses on classification and certification services, project reviews and R&D activities. Main target of Russian Maritime Register is to ensure the highest standards when providing various services.

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