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GCE do Brazil makes the residential neighbourhood of Indiatuba (Brazil) to switch over to solar water heaters
The Installation Programme of 664 solar water heaters in the residential neighbourhood of the  poor condominiums started in August in the city of Indaiatuba (state of Sao Paulo) under the leadership of the company GCE do Brazil (which is a part of the GCE Group).

The investment in the project amounted to about $ 2 million. "It will reduce the electricity costs at least by 25%", - said Dino Lobkov, the Director of the GCE do Brazil.

GCE do Brazil manages the assembly of the solar panels within the framework of the Program to improve energy efficiency of the city water heating system, which was developed by it and approved by the investor. The funding of the program is by СPFL Energia, a private energy company in Brazil.

Similar projects of solar energy application is also being done by GCE do Brazil in 14 districts of the State of Sao Paulo, and include cities like Sorocaba, Aracatuba, Santos, Itu, Sao Jose de Rio Preto, Arasatuba, Marilia, Bauru, Piracikaba, Americana, Riberao Preto, Franca, Araraquara and Zhundiayi.

Fact Sheet:
GCE do Brazil is a 100% subsidiary company of the "GCE Group". The main activity includes Energy Audit, Consulting and Engineering in the field of Energy Efficiency in Latin America. Among its clients it has the corporations Alcoa, 3M, CPFL Energia.

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