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GCE demonstrates energy audit opportunities in India

GCE Group issued a report to RELIANCE Energy (India) energy managers on results of Express Energy Audit of thermal electric power plant (TPP) in Dohanu, Maharashtra which supplies half of electric capacity consumed by the City of Mumbai.

Coal-fired Dahanu Thermal Power Plant with capacity of up to 500MWt was built in 1995.  The Express-Audit was performed in expedited time frame for main types of energy resources. Only the most energy consuming equipment was subjected to the audit (boiler units, condensers cooling system, turbines, etc).  The GCE Group experts had a single goal in-mind – to determine the power plant’s operating efficiency.

Despite the fact that the power plant has been operating for only 15 years, the energy auditors were able to identify local issues which negatively impact the energy cost for the enterprise. For instance, they were able to diagnose failures in thermal insulation and leaks in air and exhaust gas ducting. A tune-up of boiler equipment, which would have been able to improve the unit’s efficiency factor, has never been performed. A worn-out rotation air heater – an important process component – was also discovered.

All together, this led to a 10-20% increase in electric energy consumption for only blow fans and smoke exhauster.

Based on the results of the audit performed the energy auditors provided to TPP management recommendations for improving energy resources consumption efficiency. As noted by Vasily Tarasovsky, GCE Group Technical Director, the follow-up on recommendations would enable the company to realize up to 5% of power conservation potential.

The GCE Group has entered the Indian market in 2009. In 2010 the GCE India Company was registered.

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