Experts insist: cyanide spill site in Japan needs monitoring


Public came to know today about the emergency situation, that occurred on Tuesday, February 26, in the north of Japan. During the removal of ice and snow at the factory run by Kurosaka Plating Company, the workers have damaged a container stored with sodium cyanide, resulting in a leakage of five tons of the toxic substance.

"It is a great luck that the leakage of toxins occurred in winter. When the sun is not hot, the evaporation of the substance is slower, so, as such, there is no risk of poisoning the area or people by vapours", - said the senior expert of the Department of Risk Analysis of GCE Group Vladimir Moskalenko.

The company management reports that no one is affected by the incident. Contaminated snow was quickly collected. Now, according to Vladimir Moskalenko, there must be monitoring at the spillage site, since the localization of the contaminated snow might be incomplete. During the spring snow will start melting, and if it contains cyanide, even in small concentrations, there could be significant effects on the ecosystems.

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