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Expert: Russian scientists cooperate with European countries in developing robotic rescue systems

The USA is unwilling to share

Russian scientists cooperate with the leading European counties in research and development of robotic rescue systems. Mikhail Savin, Deputy Head Fire of Rescue Robotics Research Center of EMERCOM of Russia, spoke on this at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety.

«In this respect, the US keeps aloof from any collaboration. They invest a lot in domestic R&D in this area, but do not want to share their developments with other countries. Meanwhile, European countries are interested in Russian researches. We also cooperate with China and Japan», Savin says.

Last February, Kurgan Specialty Vehicles Plant completed testing of a unique mobile robotic fire fighting unit Kaskad. The primary application of the unit is fire extinguishing under extreme conditions. This year, the Federal R&D Center of Agricultural Engineering launched a new cross-functional driverless tractor. The vehicle is intended for multiple applications in the agricultural sector and its operation is fully automated.

Source: Business News Agency

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