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Energy management: company’s efficiency is in each employee’s hands


«I’m absolutely sure that structured approach to energy efficiency will remain one of the major targets and activities of industrial companies for the next five years. This process is intimately connected with personal contribution of each employee into energy efficiency, - GCE Group Vice-President in Europe, declared during XXI World Petroleum Congress.

We would like to remind that one of the most recognized global scale events with more than five thousand representatives of oil and gas corporations is running in Moscow from June 15 till 19, 2014.

Johannes Penzkofer has presented his report “Energy Efficiency in Use. What has been changed after ISO 50001 introduction?” during the session focused on energy efficiency and environmental protection technologies.

GCE Group is having multiple negotiations concerning joint energy saving projects with BRICS, CIS and the European Union companies at the company’s booth during the event.

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