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Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations and GCE Group discuss cooperation perspectives

Delegation from Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations of the Russian Federation arrived to St.Petersburg to participate in a scientific conference organized by GCE Group.

Main meeting held in GCE Group Headquarters on January 28, 2016 was dedicated to acute problems of the construction sector and its regulatory and legal basis. Alexey Isakov (Director for Science, GCE Group), Alexander Temnikov (Chief of Quality Control Dept., Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations), Oleg Malkov (Director, GCE-Nord), Sergei Karanchuk (Quality Control Engineer, Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations), Alexander Tomashevskiy (Chief of Engineering Devices Diagnostic Dept., GCE-Nord), Ivan Pushkarev (Chief of Buildings and Constructions Diagnostics Dept, GCE-Nord) and Dmitry Pchelnikov (Technical Director, GCE-Nord) were speakers of the conference.

Alexey Isakov welcomed the colleagues and wished fruitful work, “Dear friends! We are always open for dialogue, whether you have questions related to our activities or beyond them”. Alexander Temnikov’s presentation was focused on the most burning issues that require constant control on behalf of all categories of officials:

  • ensuring of safety when conducting construction and assembling works, labor protection, fire safety, electrical safety and environmental protection;
  • arrangement of construction and assembling procedures;
  • compliance with technology when conducting construction and assembling works, and implementation of innovative technologies;
  • quality of construction and assembling processes in capital construction projects;
  • professional advancement trainings for experts;
  • quality and completeness of construction/lab/geodesic/process and metrological control;
  • legislative and regulatory aspects and requirements of capital construction projects;
  • analysis of subcontractors’ activities and selection of subcontractors/labs/R&D and design companies by specific criteria.

Experts of GCE-Nord presented the company’s activities to the audience. Oleg Malkov’s speech was dedicated to the foundation history of the company and its development. He mentioned the most complicated and challenging projects that were completed. “We have been working for 16 years and all the time our focus was on the control system improvement, implementation of new technologies, application of the best diagnostic equipment and trainings for expert. Quality policy is our priority. Among the company’s clients are Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, the Russian Railways, Rosatom and others. We are working with industrial giants and perform approximately 120 significant projects a year that presume diagnostics of process buildings, facilities and equipment”, said Director of GCE-Nord Chiefs of departments reported in details about the work techniques and the company’s capabilities.

“The most widely-spread equipment and facilities that shall pass through the diagnostics are boilers and their auxiliaries, storage and transportation systems for oil and lubricants, electrical equipment, lifting mechanisms and engineering systems. Our work is based on individual survey programs for each type of equipment. These programs prescribes all technological stages that shall be covered during the diagnostics”, said Alexander Tomashevskiy.

Ivan Pushkarev said, “GCE-Nord inspects technical condition of process and civil buildings and constructions, including partially-built ones. I would like to highlight relevancy of timely diagnostics, as this is the guarantee of safety for residents and people who work there”. GCE-Nord experts provided several examples of diagnostic equipment application at various facilities.

Dmirty Pchelnikov commented, “Our company is well equipped with diagnostic instrumentation required for the type of surveys that GCE-Nord conducts. We use all existing control methods to identify actual technical condition and for certification”.

Delegation of Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations expressed interest in activities of GCE-Nord and shared contacts to discuss future cooperation plans.

Sergei Karanchuk said, “Our company and GCE-Nord worked jointly in St.Petersburg Cadet Rocket Artillery Corps – Suvorov Military School. I liked their work style. The main thing is that all the deadlines were met. I hope to continue cooperation with GCE-Nord which provides such a broad range of services that not so many companies do. It was pleasant to know that there is such a company in St.Petersburg, and we were glad to meet you”.

After the plenary session, all the delegates took part in the guided tour of GCE-Group Headquarters to see diagnostic equipment of electrical and non-disturbance control labs of GCE-Nord. Directors of GCE-Group subsidiaries presented their activities that can be the basis for future cooperation with Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations.


Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations is a lead construction agency in Russia. Its targets are assimilation of new architectural and construction systems, introduction of new building technologies, control over the quality of construction materials and reduction of material, energy and labor inputs into construction projects.

GCE-Nord (a member of an international GCE Group) is a leader in technical consulting. Among the company’s clients are Gazprom, LUKOIL, Transneft, RUSAL, the Russian Railways and others.

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