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Alexander Moskalenko Talks about the Prospects of Nuclear Shipbuilding on the Air of Business FM

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Russian Kirov Plant and Rosenergoatom implies that in the future, the plant will participate in mass production of floating nuclear power plants. The plan is to produce the equipment for the plants at the facilities of a Kirov Plant subsidiary, CJSC Kirov-Energomash. Experts note the advantages of the memorandum – the plant would expand its area of expertise and develop a shipbuilding line of business. The Kirov Plant has already started its preparations for serial production. The plant will hire 470 new employees.

Director of CJSC Kirov-Energomash, Mikhail Sidorov, mentioned that at the initial stage, investment in the project will be insignificant owing to the good condition of the infrastructure that the plant was able to maintain. The amount of required investment, based on the estimates of the plant management, will be around 350 million rubles.

Experts note that in the case of a power plant construction, political risks are high. Rosenergoatom is a state agency and will follow the instructions from the authorities. GCE Group President, Alexander Moskalenko, believes that a counterweight to the Kirov Plant, a private company, is a powerful joint shipbuilding corporation, which has its own plants, is in a poor state of affairs and in need of contracts.

In order to minimize political risks and ensure production orders, the Kirov Plant would need to do extensive political work – carry out negotiations with the authorities and then transition to a specialized enterprise in a systematic manner. In the meantime, according to the press, the Kirov Plant management states that owing to its participation in the construction of the power plant, the annual revenue of Kirov-Energomash will grow 2-3 times of its current level of 1 billion rubles. Experts remind that there are financial risks – the Kirov Plant has to make the investment now, while the serial production of floating power plants may never start.

Head of the Department of Analytics of CJSC Baltic Financial Agency, Denis Demin, believes that the Kirov Plant “has nothing to lose in the grand scheme of things” – it should not expect to see any partners comparable to Rosenergoatom in the near future. Demin is certain that on the path to diversification and higher sophistication of manufactured products, this deal is a good one.

Mass production of power plants with only start after the capabilities of a pilot plant are evaluated. The construction of the plant is supposed to be completed by the Baltic Plant in two years. The Kirov Plant notes that one of the goals of the signed memorandum is to avoid mistakes during the first construction. This primarily applies to delays – the Baltic Plant has moved the date of site handover to the customer by 1.5 years.

Source: businessfm.spb.ru

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